Cast & Creative

"Portuguese: people that don't govern themselves and they won't let others govern them either"

As the play says, “the Portuguese are a people with few rules/impositions, but they also don’t let others rule over them / tell them what to do”. As such, here is the whole indomitable team of this musical national, without being a nationalist.

Direction and production

The Portuguese People,
Produtora Plano 6

Written by

Filipe Homem Fonseca
e Rui Cardoso Martins

Artistic director

Ana Brito e Cunha

Stage adaptation

Sónia Aragão

Costume designer

Dino Alves

Scenario/video content

Hélder Mendes


Rui Lopes



Light design

Daniela Sanchez

Musical direction

Artur Guimarães com António Andrade Santos, André Galvão e Tom Neiva na Orquestra


Catarina Mago
Chris Santos
Daniela Onis
Diogo Leite
Joana França
João Vaz
Marco Costa
Paulo Duarte Ribeiro
Miguel Raposo
Teresa Macedo
Bruno Gonçalves
Sofia Ramos