Cast & Creative

"Portuguese: people that don't govern themselves and they won't let others govern them either"

As the play says, “the Portuguese are a people with few rules/impositions, but they also don’t let others rule over them / tell them what to do”. As such, here is the whole indomitable team of this musical national, without being a nationalist.


The Portuguese People,
Produtora Plano 6


Filipe Homem Fonseca
and Rui Cardoso Martins

Artistic director

Ana Brito e Cunha


Sónia Aragão

Costume designer

Dino Alves

Scenario/video content

Hélder Mendes


Rui Lopes



Light design

Daniela Sanchez

Music director

Artur Guimarães with António Andrade Santos, André Galvão, Ciro Lee, José Ganchinho and Tom Neiva in the Orchestra


Catarina Mago
Chris Santos
Daniela Onis
Diogo Leite
Joana França
João Vaz
Marco Costa
Paulo Duarte Ribeiro
Miguel Raposo
Teresa Macedo
Bruno Gonçalves
Sofia Ramos